How to Become a Successful Exhibitor


Reach-out to your targeted distributors now! Use the online attendee list to access the contact information for each attending distributor executive. Do not wait until the week of the event as distributor schedules fill up quickly! 


Participate in all scheduled education sessions and social functions. Suppliers are invited and highly encouraged to engage in all aspects of the event. First-time exhibitors: Do not miss the First-Time Attendee Reception as this is an opportunity for you to personally meet key distribution leaders.


Utilize the many marketing tools available to you. Resources include the Exhibitor Marketing Kit, online exhibitor portal and event app. Be proactive in your messaging, and let distributors know you will be attending along with what your firm uniquely offers the distributor community. 


Engage on social media to promote your participation in the event. Post the convention logo and messages about your distributor program. Use LinkedIn messaging as an alternative to email to secure appointments with distribution executives. 


Manage your time wisely on-site to maximize productivity. Confirm specific appointment times with distributors, and stay on schedule. If distributor's appointment slots are full, request meetings over breakfast, lunch or during networking events. 


Tap into the professional association staff who are available to support and guide you. Contact us prior to, during and after the event with questions or to request an introduction to a specific distributor. 


Prepare your discussion agendas for specific distributors ahead of time. Do your homework on potential new distributors. For current distribution partners, bring data on past performance and recommendations for future success. 


Send the appropriate individuals to represent your firm. This is an executive-level event. Your firm's representatives should be able to discuss your distribution program relative to any region in the U.S. and Canada. 


Ship only a tabletop display that complies with event regulations. Remember that this is a networking event and not a trade show. Don't incur unnecessary shipping costs for displays that will be prohibited. 


Setup your tabletop to be welcoming and inviting. Provide comfortable seating as well as a round table for meetings with distributors. Consider offering beverages, snacks and promotional give-a-ways. Ensure a staff member is always present at your tabletop.